Deitch Projects | Santos Party House

New York, NY | 2008

about the show

This Christmas-themed party held for the internationally known and now defunct Deitch Projects featured collaborations with a multitude of New York City-based performance artists associated with Deitch, including the amazing Amanda Lepore and HOUSEofLaDOSHA. The set featured mountains of presents, wacky lighting schemes, and a huge stocking filled with over-sized gifts. Whoop Dee Doo artists created handmade gifts and ornaments for all 200 guests.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Chris Beer
Erin Zona
Jonathan Peck
Peggy Noland
Natalie Myers
Flannery Cashill
Shannon Stubbs
Lynus Young
Michael Boles
Chase Williams
Leone Anne Reeves
Megan Mantia
Emily Boullear
Zach VanBenthusen
Julie Potratz
Andrea Harms


Kathy Grayson


The Busy as a Rainbow Brigade
McKenna and Trey Pope
Everybody’s favorite game show – Holiday Hoopla!!!
A-Ron & Friends
Mina and Kara doing “Savage Dance”
7 Profitz
Mount Rushmore Staring Contest
Hunx and his Punx
Julie Potratz- Dancing with Myself
Tru Fam
The New York Ukulele Ensemble
Rosie Cooper’s Mini-Parade
Cazwell and Amanda Lepore


Deitch Projects
Santos Party House