Friday the Fourteenth

Durham School of the Arts

Durham, NC | 2018


Art educator, Jack Watson, worked with Whoop Dee Doo to plan a series of original performances that took place at the Durham School of the Arts on Friday the 13th, April, 2018. Selected by Mr. Watson through an application process, eight students met with co-directors, Jaimie and Matt just 5 days prior to their final performance.

Through the week, during assigned art periods and afterschool sessions, Jaimie and Matt led brainstorming, skill-building and art-making sessions. During those sessions Jaimie, Matt and the students developed concepts for an entirely new show, installed a fully immersive set in an unused classroom, fabricated all of the props and costumes and rehearsed the final performance which was made up entirely of workshop students and performers chosen from the student body.

The final 15-minute show was presented live to 12 groups of students throughout  the schoolday and twice to the general public that same evening. Inspired by the date of the performance, “Friday the 14th” was Hosted by a Frankenstein and featured a Dracula, Mummy, and more in a series of  quick skits, a crowd-participation contest, and a centerpiece performance combining student talents in piano performance and dance.


Nya Amason
Clara Kennedy
Alexis King
Ari Lindquist
Ava Lozuke
Xia Raburn
Matt Roche
Izzy Salazar
Jaimie Warren
Frances Zehmer


Nate Flowers
Erica Mendez
Kendall Donaldson


Jack Watson

Special Thanks

Val Martinez
Carolyn Maynard
Jessica Cecchini
Amber Santibanez


Durham School of the Arts