Ghost Lunch

Abrons Arts Center

New York, NY | 2015

about the show

Whoop Dee Doo artists created this ghost-themed installation and performance for the Abrons Centennial.Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the historic Playhouse, Abrons asked Whoop Dee Doo artists to use the history of this historic site paired with inspiration from the incredible play by Basil Twist titled “Sisters’ Follies: Between Two Worlds. The play was being performed in conjunction with the centennial.

Whoop Dee Doo artists and performers curated the after-party for this event, creating the full environment, DJ-ing the music, and orchestrating multiple performances that changed the energy of the space throughout the evening.


Matt Roche
Erin Sheehy
Jaimie Warren


Carolyn Sickles and Adrian Saldaña


Kaitlyn Stubbs
Jake Sigl
Monika Uchiyama
Leslie Diuguid
Anna Platt
Ray Ferreira
Sara Sremac
Joseph Strella


Abrons Centennial

Basil Twist: Sisters’ Follies