Jvb * 16dv ^ * ;l o U&o

San Francisco Art Institute

San Francisco, CA | 2015

about the show

Whoop Dee Doo worked for one week during the Concentrate weekend at SFAI to create a spider-themed game show.

Whoop Dee Doo artists took over the school’s café with the help of SFAI students and Boys & Girls club kiddos. Together we transformed it into a completely unrecognizable, dark and spooky game show set. Creating unique seating, lighting, and set design pieces, the game show was open for kids, students and adults to participate.

The title Jvb * 16dv ^ * ;l o U&o is the first official gameshow made and named completely by spiders.

Answering spider trivia, changing a baby maggots diaper, and grabbing and tossing liquid webbing to score ski-ball-style points were some of the challenges we imposed on our lucky contestants, who ranged between ages 3-65.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Andrew Mandinach
Erin Sheehy
Justin Oswald
Michael O’Malley

Student Artists



Hesse McGraw
Katie Hood Morgan
Lauren Licata

Youth Group

Boys & Girls Club

Special thanks to Jay Nunez and Atziri Tirado

Special thanks to

Richard Jackson
Laura Oswald
Katie Hood Morgan
Benjamin Ashlock
Hicks Oswald


San Francisco Art Institute
SFAI Concentrate Weekend