Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Kansas City, MO | 2009

about the show

Throughout the summer of 2009, Whoop Dee Doo hosted three summer youth workshops open to youth and the public in partnership with the Kemper Museum in Kansas City.  Each month the workshop and installation space would change completely, and had a variety of workshops and stations to create pieces for the upcoming live show. The workshop series culminated in a final live taping featuring amazing acts from the community including R&B step team “KC Coolers”, a Calypso band, and a multitude of performances lead by local teens.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Chris Beer
Natalie Myers
Lynus Young
Leone Anne Reeves
Patrick, Levi & Cola Dunn
Lee Heinemann
Jamie Burkhardt
Roger Link
Michael Boles
Stuart Scott Smith
Andrea Harms
Flannery Cashill
Megan Mantia
Wm. Howell
Harper Page
Rachel Sky Monahan
Erica Peterson
Rochelle Brickner
Brock Hildabrandt
Roger Link
Chase Williams
Shannon Stubbs


Chris Cook and Beth Harris

Youth Group



Liam and Audrey cheeto game
Calypso Bluz
E.I.A. Productions
Dry tongue contest
the Operation Breakthrough youth choir featuring Unique Walker
K.C. Guest
Hella What Kill
KC Coolers


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