La Esquina | Urban Culture Project | Charlotte Street Foundation

Kansas City, MO | 2009

about the show

Over twenty artists worked to create this installation and stage set made entirely out of salvaged cardboard which covered almost every square inch of the giant space. This show featured many Whoop Dee Doo highlights including a live amputation by the 7th Missouri Irish Brigade, a two-hour pancake eating contest, teenage boy bands, clogging troupes, and three competing high school step teams. And to top it all off, we created a live music video with local R&B singer Coco J. Jackson.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Chris Beer
Natalie Myers
Flannery Cashill
Joshua Gately
Leone Anne Reeves
Patrick, Levi & Cola Dunn
Megan Mantia
Erica Peterson
Shannon Stubbs
Jonathan Peck
Michael Boles
Zach Van Benthusen
Ashley Miller
Laura Burkhaulter
Liz Gardner
Andrea Harms
Seth Johnson
Chase Williams
Robert Chase Heishman
Christopher Good


Kate Hackman

Youth Group

Big Brother/ Big Sister


Varsity Lincoln Tiger Dance Team
Marching Stallions Dancers
Varsity Lincoln Prep Dance Team
Promise 2 PRAISE
Breeze and the Hula Hoop Contest
Michoacan Dancers
Pancake eating contest
7th Missouri Irish Brigade
Hella What? Kill
El Grupo Folklorico Atontonilco
Kyle Devine
Coco J. Jackson


Charlotte Street