LOYAL | Malmofestivalen

Malmo, Sweden | 2009

about the show

In August 2009, eleven Whoop Dee Doo artists travelled to Malmo, Sweden to participate in the international Malmofestivalen. The incredible LOYAL gallery in Malmo hosted Whoop Dee Doo and worked with us to create something special for this giant festival. For the first time, Whoop Dee Doo artists not only created the stage set and props, but the crew also took on a wider role as performers in a range of skits and contests for our largest audience yet. Whoop Dee Doo hosted a total of four one hour shows, each completely different than the last, collaborating with a large number of acts from the community including a hugging contest hosted by the Swedish black/thrash metal group, Pagan Rites, a revenge-style Veggie Eat-Off for local parents, and a special performance by the well-known and internationally recognized Malmo-based Folkdansens Vänner.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Natalie Myers
Chris Beer
Flannery Cashill
Michael Boles
Leone Anne Reeves
Megan Mantia
Andrea Harms
Stuart Scott Smith
Roger Link


Martin Lilja and Amy Guinta


Veggie Eat Off
Soda Squirt-Off
Biocentrum and Helsingborg Bollywood Dance
Folkdansens Vänner, Malmö
The Palestinians
Janet Jackson Hosts the Nasty Boys Dirty Sock Contest
Alma Boliviana
Balloon Fun with Matt
The World’s worst Sword Swallower
The Hip Drop
Candela Viva
Lady Sovereign and the Giant Booger
Pagan Rites


LOYAL Gallery