Monster Stereo

Miami Dade College Museum of Art, and Legal Art/Cannonball

Miami, FL | 2012


As a collaboration between LegalArt Miami and Miami Dade College Museum of Art, Whoop Dee Doo represented these organizations to create an interactive performance and installation for the Art Live Fair, an event that benefitted the homeless women and children at the Lotus House in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami.

Ten Whoop Dee Doo artists from Baltimore, Portland and Kansas City resided at LegalArt for ten days to create an installation titled “Monster Stereo”.  Whoop Dee Doo artists created the Monster Stereo set piece, which would serve as an oversized record player that would play an original haunted song, making monsters emerge from the giant speakers and perform for the audience. Our youth group, comprised of seven young women enrolled in the Urgent, Inc. Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Academy, worked alongside Whoop Dee Doo artists to create the visual design, personality, and choreography for each monster costume.


Matt Roche
Erin Zona
Lindsey Griffith
Jaimie Warren
Michael O’Malley
Molly Ryan
Brandon Nemeth
Michael Farley
Max Anderson


Jeremy Mikolajczak

Chris Cook

student artists

Shakia Rankin
Ronata Dieujuste
Brielle Gibson
Bianca Novembre
Aaliyah Rankin
Rayvin Willimas
Ja’nice Blanc

Youth Group

Urgent, Inc.
Rites of Passage Program

Special thanks to

Candace Anderson


Cannonball Miami

MDC College of Art and Design

Urgent Inc.