Whoop Dee Doo Walnut Space

Kansas City, MO |  2010–2012

about the show

In the Summer of 2010 Whoop Dee Doo obtained a studio and performance space in Kansas City. This space provided a place for consistent local programming and performances, allowing us to connect on a regular basis with several local youth organizations, youth from the community, artists, and local performers. Throughout this two year period, we consistently had events, screenings, and live performances that were all free and open to the public.  Having this home-base also provided us an creative opportunity to design and reconstruct the performance space freely and often.

A few highlights included: a special Christmas performance with a contest called “Christmas Chaos” hosted by Kansas City’s then Mayor, Mark Funkhauser.  This contest was designed to overwhelm the contestants in Christmas-related multi-sensory pandemonium a search for a hidden the key to city.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Chris Beer
Elizabeth Allen-Cannon
Natalie Myers
Lee Heinemann
Stuart Scott Smith
Molly Ryan
Roger Link
Lindsey Griffith
Madeline Gallucci
Megan Mantia
Ryan Comiskey
Brandon Nemeth
Annie LePique
Harper Page
Cat Mahari
Leone Anne Reeves
Rochelle Brickner
Rusty & Liam Owings
Audrey Pendergraft
Peggy Noland
Garry Noland
Judith Levy
Brock Hildebrandt
Drew Bolton
Erica Peterson
Shannon Stubbs
Ashley Miller
Patrick, Levi & Cola Dunn
Lynus Young
Brock Potucek

youth grous

Boys & Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sister, Operation Breakthrough


Kansas City Chinese Association Dragon Dance & Drummers
“Anger Management” by Casey Guest
“What’s in Your Ear?” by Colin Self
KCCA Tibetan Dance
Peggy Noland as Fashion Witch
Silent Empire Crumpers
Jayonce with “Single Ladies”
Scott with “Exotic Cats Are Us”
the Wild Women of Kansas City
The Pythons Drill Team
the Kansas City Girls Choir and the Kansas City Boys Choir
Harris Deutcshe the magician
The Frog Sisters Vampire Slayers
Caty Turner the bellydancer
Judy the Green Witch
Gaelic Brass
Carlton Dubois McClain pianist
Christmas Chaos with Mayor Funkhouser!
Golden Girls
Dede Deville
Rhianna and the Mulekicker Cloggers
The Operation Breakthrough santa singers
Christmas Mistletoe game
PembrokeHiill dancers
Cristo Rey dance team


Big Brothers Big Sisters
Operation Breakthrough
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City