Your Body is not a's Gross

Portland Institute of Contemporary Art / Time Based Arts Festival

Portland, OR | 2011

about the show

For the summer of 2011, Whoop Dee Doo partnered with the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Time-Based Art Festival, and Caldera; an at-risk youth program and summer camp in Sisters, Oregon.

Thirteen Whoop Dee Doo artists, 10 high school students, PICA volunteers and the local community collaborated to create an immense body-themed installation, stage, and several video viewing rooms including an intestinal maze, giant hairy chest and belly-button room, and an interactive brain room, all available for viewing during the month after the TBA festival. Two live, free shows included over a dozen local performance groups, and Whoop Dee Doo collaborated with these groups to form some of our most bizarre, unique and successful collaborations. From the Mizu Desierto Butoh Theater creating a dance and costuming based on digestion and excrement to the Portland National Guard Emergency Response Team who worked with Caldera students to create intestines and a moulage-themed stunt, to African dancers from Kukatonan creating a new performance as a collaboration with local punk/noise band Million Brazillians – the show was an unforgettable and never-ending amalgamation of extraordinary concepts.


Matt Roche
Jaimie Warren
Natalie Myers
Roger Link
Erin Zona
Megan Mantia
Chris Beer
Ryan Comiskey
Lindsey Griffith
Stuart Scott Smith
Molly Ryan
Elizabeth Allen-Cannon
Madeline Gallucci


Kristan Kennedy

Youth Group

Caldera and Open Meadows


Bells of the Cascades
Wet Clown presents a Humorous HAHAHA
Rose City Flute Choir
Mizu Desierto Butoh Theater
Swiss Yodeling with Shelby Imholt
Eat your heart out with Natalie
Colin Self – I wanna Eat with Somebody
Murray Irish Dancers
The Charleens
National Guard Medics
Kukatonan, drummer Caton Lyles and Million Brazillions

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